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Awww snap! Shiny pokemon time!!

This is just a small giveaway for meteor-falls' Space Pokemon Day! As you can see, its a shiny Solrock and Lunatone. The rules are the same as always:)

  1. Must be following both, meteor-falls and shinypokemonlab (you wont regret it lol)
  2. Reblog=1 entry
  3. Likes= an additional entry (you must have reblogged it as well, or your additional entry will not be counted)
  4. Must have a copy of Pokemon X/Y with a working WiFi connection
  5. Must have your ask box open and be comfortable sharing your friend code with me

This is a small giveaway with a small time to enter! A random winner will be chosen at midnight, tonight Oct. 1st.

NOTE: Every 200 notes this giveaway gets, ill add a shiny event legendary space pokemon! Enjoy:) ~aquacarl

(via meteor-falls)